Rehabilitation Centres

Fitness equipment for senior exercising and rehabilitation are different than mainstream machines, and we’ve learnt that by providing services and collaborating with private and public hospitals, retirement villages and disability organisations.


At Easy Fitness Solutions we listen to YOU to truly understand the purpose of your organisation – as we know that your fitness equipment is made to serve your mission. We offer budget friendly and flexible pricing options.

The right fitness rehabilitation machine is designed for safe and ease of use. People living with disabilities, recovering from an injury and elderly consumers require to have an easy access to the machines and be able to adjust them without getting out of the fitness equipment.

It’s extremely important to choose quality fitness equipment that’s sturdy enough to prevent injuries, yet flexible enough to fit your clients and patients needs.

In addition to repair and maintenance, we can also help you with:

  • Selecting the right specialised fitness equipment for your mission: tailor made for elderlies, people living with disabilities or children and adults recovering from injuries.
  • Finding the most suitable flooring options for your purposes, such as wheelchair friendly material.
  • Designing your fully accessible gym space or fitness studio.

Our customer satisfaction program for rehabilitation gyms, senior fitness equipment and disability services providers comprises of 7 clear steps:

  1. Testing and diagnosis
  2. Client consultation
  3. Repair and outsourcing parts
  4. Testing and inspection
  5. Preventative maintenance recommendations
  6. Customer satisfaction survey
  7. Preventative maintenance package

To keep your fitness equipment in top condition, we also offer services, maintenance contracts. This maintenance package contributes to the total fulfilment of your expectations.

Easy Fitness Solutions Preventative Maintenance Package is designed to keep your rehabilitation fitness equipment working safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication and inspections. It is a misconception that since a piece of equipment is under manufacturers warranty a service agreement isn’t necessary. The best analogy is your vehicle. Although the vehicle is under warranty, the dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignments and tune-ups. All equipment has a manufacturer suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule which should be performed from the day you receive your equipment. We offer a customised package pricing – budget friendly – designed for your specific needs.

You will find that regular servicing of your equipment pays for itself!

  • No More “Out-of-Order” signs.
  • Lower repair costs on older equipment.
  • Equipment lifespan is greatly increased.
  • Create a safe workout environment limiting potential liability.
  • Professional support for fitness equipment upgrade.
  • Higher client satisfaction and retention.

Greater return on investment!

Our Preventative Maintenance Package pricing model is tailor made according to your needs. Remember – at Easy Fitness Solutions no job is too big or too small! Get in touch to learn more or to request a quote.

We want to give back to the community and we offer discount for not-for-profit organisations. Contact us to find out more.